Anniversary of Lithuanian Forensic Psychiatry

2023 03 30

In April 2024, Lithuanian forensic psychiatry will celebrate a significant event – the 30th anniversary, which recalls the first steps of organized Lithuanian forensic psychiatry in 1994, after the establishment of the National Forensic Psychiatry Service under the Ministry of Health (NFPS) with the current advanced specialized state institution of forensic psychiatry, which has perfected its work over three decades, responsibly performing the functions entrusted by the state. The consistency of the work of the National Forensic Psychiatry Service, the achieved high work efficiency and quality results are based on the continuous cultivation of a team of experts, a responsible approach to work results, continuous qualification improvement and friendly, supportive mutual communication, which ensures an excellent working atmosphere for the whole service collective.

Celebrating a significant 30-year anniversary of work, the National Forensic Psychiatry Service under the Ministry of Health is setting even higher goals, aiming for Lithuanian forensic psychiatry to reference the latest scientific achievements in European and global forensic psychiatry; therefore it is in close relationships not only with neighboring countries – Latvian and Estonian colleagues in forensic psychiatry, but also constantly communicates with significant forensic psychiatry scientists – Prof. Birgit Wolm, Prof. Fazel Seena, Dr. Nicoleta Tataru and invites them to hold presentations at the annual Forensic Psychiatry – Forensic Psychology Conferences organized by the NFPS. By maintaining close cooperative relationships with forensic psychiatry specialists from other countries, the NFPS aims to improve our work, ensuring the inclusion of new scientific achievements in the field of forensic psychiatry in our own work practices.

The members of the National Forensic Psychiatry Service, welcoming the 30th anniversary of work, believes that they will be able to continue their work responsibly, improve, grow and ensure the successful further development of Lithuanian forensic psychiatry.

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